Apalus Car Dehumifier

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NO MORE FOGGY WINDOWS: Apalus Car Dehumidifier bag reduces the misting on car windows which can be a problem on cold mornings, when we are rushing to work! Protects the interior of your vehicle from moisture damage and mould. Thanks to its high moisture absorption, with its weight of 1 kg, Apalus car dehumidifier absorbs up to 400 ml of water! Simply place Apalus bag on your dashboard and let it doing the job!
REUSABLE OVER AND OVER AGAIN: Our Car Moisture Absorber is reusable, you can use it over and over again! After a couple of months, simply put our car dehumidifier in the microwave for 12 minutes and moisture will dry out completely. Or, you can put it in the oven for about 2-3 hours at 60°C or simply put it on a heater or in the sun. A very cost effective solution and less waste.
EASY & SAFE TO USE: Apalus Car dehumidifier filled with quality silica gel, which is DMF FREE, and passed ROHS certificates, avoid condensation and it is completely drip safe, like a sponge, it draws and then locks in moisture. Filled with 1 KG silica gel, it’s very compact but very effective at the same time. Unlike conventional dehumidifier systems, there is no danger of tipping over liquids or solutions, which will damage car seats or electronics. Simply functional and practical.

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